Tel Aviv is commonly referred to as the party capital of the Middle East. Thanks to its
Mediterranean climate, seaside location, party vibe and young population,
there’s always something to see and do. Of course, the nightlife is simply

From beach bars to packed pubs and nightclubs, local vinyards and galleries, visitors are
spoilt for choice. And what better way to savour all that this exciting city
has to offer than with a gorgeous escort on your arm?

The escort services in Tel Aviv available are just as varied and cosmopolitan as the travellers that visit this
bustling city. Most are from eastern Europe, with some Asian girls also
available. There are, however, very few Israeli girls who work as escorts.

There are many agencies listed on the internet. You’re sure to find a girl to your liking
on one of the many online directories but there are plenty of girls that work
on their own too. These girls generally charge more per hour but the services
they provide are also of a higher standard. In general they are better educated
and speak English. Websites are usually also in English as the girls mainly
target tourists and visiting businessmen.

Rates vary so its always better to enquire before choosing a girl. Tel Aviv Escorts who work on
their own could be open to bartering but it is as a rule of thumb that you get
what you pay for so be prepared to fork out some extra cash for a truly
enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Using a reputable Tel Aviv escort service will guarantee you get a more personalised service

If you’re not comfortable phoning around for an escort, you are sure to meet plenty of
escorts mixing it with the crowds at popular nightlife venues around the city.
Of course there are also a variety of strip clubs in the city where you are
virtually guaranteed of finding an escort that will cater to your individual

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